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Nick Sirianni downplays communication issues on defense


Photo Credit by John McMullen/JAKIB Sports

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – Many independent film analysts have looked at the Philadelphia Eagles defense in recent weeks and questioned what is going on with the unit which seems to be Benjamin Button-ing things in the 2023 season regarding communication.

Generally, the on-field connection between players improves as any season wears on. But, things have gone off the rails when it comes to the back and forth on the Philadelphia defense, something perhaps exacerbated by the late-season change in play-callers from Sean Desai to Matt Patricia.

Former Eagles linebacker and current FS1 analyst Emmanuel Acho called the defense “atrocious, awful and gross,” before cleaning it up to “coaching malpractice” for the airwaves.

NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger wasn’t any easier on the Eagles, who dropped five of six to end the regular season including Sunday’s ugly 27-10 loss to the moribund New York Giants on Sunday.

With the criticism mounting, Nick Sirianni continues to fend off some of the narratives that have been building.

JAKIB Sports flatly asked the head coach if his team was having trouble communicating on defense.

In coach speak it was as big of an admittance as you were going to get.

“Obviously, when you’re not playing and coaching good enough or to the standard on either side of the ball, there’s going to be many different things that point to that,” Sirianni said. “There’s going to be some things that they schemed us up on, right? There are going to be some times where we missed a fit or we missed a play. There’s going to be times where we missed the tackle. There’s going to be times that we have a communication error.

“And that communication error can be between player and player, coach and player, player and coach.”

The couching was that every NFL defense from No. 1 down to 32 is going to have a communication issue or two in every game, something that’s absolutely true.

“I mean, you’ll have some of those [communication issues] and I think that’s common through any game,” he said. “You try to limit those as much as you possibly can.”

Communication isn’t the biggest issue for Sirianni, though.

“I wouldn’t say a huge communication error thing. It just hasn’t been good enough all the way around as we all have seen,” the coach said. “So, there are many different issues that are going on, communication error every once in a while, yeah, sure, but that’s common in the game of football. And that has happened once or twice in the last couple of weeks.”

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