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Eagles – Pats in Week 1 is the hottest ticket in the country

Philly Godfather

Photo Credit by John McMullen/JAKIB Sports

ThrivePHILADELPHIA – The Eagles’ season-opener in Foxborough against the New England Patriots is the hottest sports ticket in the country, even outpacing Lionel Messi’s much-hyped MLS debut with Inter Miami.

Tickets for Messi’s debut against Cruz Azul har reached $1000 at one point before prices started to settle at well over $300, an enormous number for MLS, according to Gambling.com.

The Eagles-Pats in Week 1, however, is near $400 on the secondary market ($391 to be exact) and currently the most expensive sports ticket in the country. The high-demand is tied toward two marquee franchises in a season-opener but the bigger driver is that the Pats will be honoring Tom Brady and his six Super Bowl championships with the franchise at halftime of the game.

Of the top 20, 17 are NFL games — 15 Week 1 affairs as well as the Hall of Fame Game between Cleveland and the New York Jets, and a Las Vegas-San Francisco exhibition encounter.

Only Messi’s debut at $307 and two MLB games prevented the NFL from complete dominance of the list.

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