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All systems point to go with banged-up Jalen Hurts


Photo Credit by John McMullen/JAKIB Sports

ThrivePHILADELPHIA – Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts is dealing with a left knee injury, but all indications are that the star quarterback will play Sunday at Washington.

Philadelphia’s first practice report of the week on Wednesday was only an estimation because the team scaled back to a walkthrough but Hurts, who first banged up his knee in a win at Los Angeles on Oct. 8 was a full participant.

Hurts experienced discomfort in the knee last Sunday during a 31-17 win over Miami and finished the game with a brace.

“We’re confident that he’ll be ready to go, but any time these guys are working through pain and things like that, I mean, they’ve got to — we anticipate him to go, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy,” head coach Nick Sirianni said during his Wednesday press conference. “Again, we’ll see. We’re not going to be out on the field running around today, so I still need a little bit more time.

“I think he’s feeling better. I’ll let you guys ask him that. We’re hopeful there will be no limitations on Sunday.”

Hurts, who finished 23-of-31 for 279 yards with two touchdowns and an interception against the Dolphins was indeed asked and responded in a positive fashion.

“I don’t want to make it bigger than what it is,” Hurts said. “I think it’s something that comes with every player in this league. Things happen and you find ways to overcome them.”

Lauded for his toughness by teammates, Hurts pointed to his upbringing as an explanation.

“I don’t think it’s any tangible thing I can lean on or call on for that. It’s just who I am,” the QB said. “It’s where I come from and maybe it’s been instilled in me by my father and my parents, seeing the different things I’ve been able to see as a child, maybe those things.”

A follow-up on what he saw as a youth, Hurts reminisced about his first introduction to the sport as a ball boy in the Houston area.

“Just being a ball boy. You see other people go through things,” he said. “You’re a little boy around high schoolers, you’re a little boy seeing high schoolers get scholarships to go to college. So, the perspective of mine was very different from that point of time. I think there’s a lot of reasons why I view things a little differently and have a different perspective on things, because I’ve had a different viewpoint on it.

“It’s all made me who I am.”

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