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‘A ring’ to Dallas in Dallas: Goedert set to return against Cowboys

Dallas Goedert

Photo Credit by John McMullen/JAKIB Sports

PHILADELPHIA – The last time time Dallas Goedert played was against the Dallas Cowboys. The next time Dallas plays will be in Dallas against the Cowboys. Ok, Arlington, Texas but you get the point.

And Dallas could be the Eagles’ key to beating Dallas.

The Eagles have struggled mightily to find a third passing option behind star receivers A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith over the past three games since Goedert fractured his forearm when Cowboys safety Marquese Bell yanked the TE1 down by his arm while making a tackle during one of Goedert’s trademarked angry runs during a 28-23 Eagles win on Nov. 5.

Except according to Goedert it wasn’t angry enough because he held up a little due to a previous fine. He will not make the same mistake twice after missing the past three contests.

Goedert was estimated as a full participant for Wednesday’s walkthrough and was again a full go at an indoor practice on Thursday.

“Obviously, I don’t want to miss any games, but this is a big game,” said Goedert on Wednesday. “It’s really fun going to Dallas every year and playing in a fun environment like that, so I’m really excited to get back.

“Dallas in Dallas has a ring to it.”

Goedert is still third on the team in receiving despite the missed time, snaring 38 receptions for 410 yards and two touchdowns this year.

His absence has been stark with both the passing and running games struggling at times and Goedert’s return can’t come at a better time because the Eagles will need to score some points to keep up with the powerful Cowboys.

“We’re playing a good offense again and we’re going to have to go down and put points on the board,” Goedert assessed.

Goedert did downplay any potential angst in the rivalry noting that he didn’t believe Bell purposely tried to injure him.

“It was one of those tough situations. He got my arm wrapped up and fell on top of it,” Goedert said. “Nothing dirty on his part. I wish I would’ve pulled my arm back a little bit faster. It’s part of the sport. Injuries, they say, it’s not if, it’s when. I’m just thankful I’m able to get back on the field this week.”

The “fluke play” as Goedert described it will not affect the physicality in which Goedert plays the game.

“It’s something that’s not going to happen very often,” said Goedert. “I never had it happen before, so I feel like my running style will stay the same. Maybe I’ll make sure I get my arm back a little faster so they can’t grab onto it.”

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