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A.J. Brown Tempers ‘All-Star’ Talk

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Photo Credit by John McMullen/JAKIB Sports

Miles Sanders frayed a few nerves around the Delaware Valley with his comments to CBSSports.com while doing the media rounds in advance of his upcoming youth football camp in the Pittsburgh area, at least to those who suffer from 2011 “Dream Team” PTSD.

“Oh man. We all feel like we’re on an All-Star team, so we feel great,” Sanders said when asked specifically about what adding star receiver A.J. Brown means for the offense. “We feel unstoppable, I’m not gonna lie.

“The vibes are great, always have been. Nick Sirianni is doing a great job just keeping the vibes right, the chemistry good.”

From a logical standpoint, Sanders’ confidence has nothing to do with Vince Young and that underachieving 2011 “Dream Team,” for many reasons starting with the assumption Sanders is actually relevant to the offense and the Eagles’ RB1 entering a contract season. Young, on the other hand, popped off as a backup who was never supposed to be a star or even play barring injury to Michael Vick.

Then you have the fact that Sanders downsized from a “dream” to just a run-of-the-mill All-Star team and most importantly, boastful comments in the offseason rarely have anything to do with results on the field.

Brown, though, himself chimed in on Sanders’ comments Saturday trying to add context that shouldn’t be needed to the few who still practice common sense.

“He’s excited about what this team could be,” Brown wrote on Twitter. “We all are. But we’re not an All-Star team. We definitely could be with years to come. We have [to] strap up our pads and prove it every year and that’s what we plan to do!”

There’s nothing wrong with a little confidence and it’s always better than the alternative so hopefully Brown puts at least one manufactured controversy in the rear-view mirror.

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